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Terminalia Arjuna Supplements
Terminalia Arjuna Supplements
Terminalia Arjuna Supplements
Terminalia Arjuna Supplements

Terminalia Arjuna Supplements

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Protects The Heart

Arjuna is known to promote a healthy balance of cholesterol, and protects the the heart.

Increases Exercise Capacity

Arjuna increases aerobic capacity, leading to better quality workout sessions.

Protection Against Ulcers

Arjuna protects the stomach against ulcers with potency similar to approved drugs.

Liver And Kidney Protection

The antioxidant properties of Arjuna helps in the protection of the liver and kidneys.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels

Arjuna helps in maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar in the body.

Healthy Urinary Tract

Arjuna is also known to be beneficial to the urinary tract and protects it from infections.

What is Arjuna?

It has a large variety of bioactives, showing promise at improving left ventricle function of the heart without any observable toxicity of side effects when taken at 500mg thrice a day.

Other possible uses of Arjuna include ulcer protection in the stomach with potency similar to approved drugs and protection to the liver and kidney likely mediated by antioxidative properties.

Why Arjuna?

Arjuna may support a healthy heart by promoting a healthy balance of cholesterol and help support healthy blood vessels. It also helps balance blood sugar.

Arjuna can help support a healthy urinary tract. It can also support healthy cell growth and can protect DNA. Its role in DNA protection had led to its use as an anti-cancer agent.


  • Why should I use arjuna supplements?
    Arjuna is recommended to maintain a healthy heart. It is also useful to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Are there any side effects?
    Arjuna is generally considered safe to use. Higher doses must be taken only after consulting a healthcare specialist.
  • How many arjuna capsules are there in one bottle?
    Each bottle contains 30 capsules of 500 mg each.