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Complete Hemogram

Broad screening test to check for various blood disorders and other related diseases.

Vitamin Profile

Helps detect deficiencies of vitamin D and B12 which are associated with several disorders.

Blood Sugar

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is essential for preventing metabolic conditions.

Liver Profile

Liver profile checks your liver health. A healthy liver is the route to a healthy body.

Lipid Profile

Early detection of abnormal cholesterol levels will help you maintain your heart health.

Thyroid Profile

Thyroid hormones can influence several metabolic activities and functions in the body.

Why Take A PCOS Test?

Detecting PCOS or your risk for PCOS early can help you take the appropriate measures to prevent it or help your healthcare specialist to strategize treatment options.

What Is A PCOS Test?

PCOS test covers essential indicators in your blood to give you an overall picture of your health and detect issues related to PCOS. Symptoms of PCOS is often dormant and goes undetected.

What Tests Are Included?

The PCOS package covers the following tests: Diabetes check, Complete Hemogram, Steroid Panel, Liver Profile, Lipid Profile, Diabetic Profile, Vitamin Profile, and Thyroid Profile.


  • Can I take a PCOS test anytime?
    Yes. Taking it at a regular interval of 6 months or annually is strongly recommended.
  • Do I need to be fasting for this test?
    Yes, 10-12 hours of fasting is needed for this test.
  • Do I need to visit a clinic to get this test done?
    No. A professional phlebotomist will visit you at your home and collect the samples at your convenience.