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AIWO Saliva DNA Test

AIWO Saliva DNA Test

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Genetic nutrition test relates to the influence of gene on your diet, food intolerances or allergies and more.


Provides a comprehensive audit of your fitness genetics covering fitness, power endurance training, and more.

Sleep & Aging

Sleep quality is linked to genetic variants that are associated with sleep disorders and aging.

Healthy Lifestyle

Genetic testing can help manage lifestyle choices based on your body requirements.

Skin Health

Genetic tests can indicate your predisposition to skin conditions and help take appropriate treatment.

Precision Medicine

Gene test could reveal an individualʼs response to certain drugs/therapies prescribed during an illness

Why Take A Gene Test?

Preventive maintenance of your body will ensure that your system has all the raw materials that it needs to function well.

Gene tests can give you a heads-up on not just medical conditions, but also lifestyle factors like nutrition and fitness.

What Is Gene Test?

A gene test explores the genetic influence on different aspects of your body. The DNA sequence is 99.99% similar across all individuals.

However, the small differenc accounts for our differences. This can help you personalize everything from your medicines to the exercises you do.

What Reports are Included?

Nutrtion, Fitness, Health, Allergy, Skin, Precision Medicine, Sleep and Aging, Personality, Methylation and cardiovascular risk, and risk for breat cancer (BRCA gene analysis).


  • Can I take a Gene test anytime?
    Yes. Gene test is a one-time test. Your results can be used throughout your life since your DNA does not change.
  • Do I need to visit a clinic to get this test done?
    AIWO's genetic test is an at-home DIY collection kit with detailed instructions to collect your saliva sample. You can self-collect the saliva sample and we will arrange for a reverse courier pick up from your doorstep.