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Food Intolerance Test

Food Intolerance Test

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Early Detection

Detect your food allergies early and avoid mild and severe allergic reactions.

200+ Allergies

This test covers more than 200 food allergies including milk, pollen, fur, and others.

Skin Health

Avoid rashes, acne, and other skin problems that arises from eating foods that you are allergic to.

Healthy Lifestyle

Manage your food allergies and intolerances and make informed and healthy diet choices.

Prevent Bloating

Pressure and discomfort in your abdomen after eating could be due to food allergies.

Eliminate Allergens

Get tested for your food allergies, eliminate them from your diet and lead a healthy life.

Why Take A Food Intolerance Test?

Any type of food could elicit a positive or negative reaction in the body. If you continue to eat foods that you are allergic to, your body will mount an inflammatory reaction.

This may manifest in a variety of conditions such as headaches, chronic pain, digestive disorders, and several other issues.

What Is The Food Intolerance Test?

Food Intolerance test can give you a heads-up on the types of foods to which you are likely to have an allergic reaction for.

The foods that you eat can affect every part of your body.If you experience recurring or prolonged bloating, it may be a good idea to take a Food Intolerance Test (IgG).

When To Take A Food Intolerance Test?

There is no specific reason for you to take this test. It is recommended for anybody, since you will not know your food allergies without actually coming in contact with the offending food.


  • Can I take a food allergy test anytime?
    Yes. However the earlier you take the test the faster you can detect your food intolerances and prevent unwanted reactions.
  • How many allergies are covered under the Food Intolerance test?
    AIWO's Food Intolerance test covers more than 200 food allergies.