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Atbro Safexx | Ammonia-free, PPD-free Safe Hair Color | 60 ml | Black & Brown
Atbro Safexx | Ammonia-free, PPD-free Safe Hair Color | 60 ml | Black & Brown
Atbro Safexx | Ammonia-free, PPD-free Safe Hair Color | 60 ml | Black & Brown

Atbro Safexx | Ammonia-free, PPD-free Safe Hair Color | 60 ml | Black & Brown

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Optimal Coverage

Atbro hair dye provides optimal white hair coverage.

Up to 15 Washes

Unlike other permanent hair colors, Atbro hair color lasts up to 15 washes with SLS free shampoo.

Safe Ingredients

Made with safe alternatives, it does not contain any ingredients like ammonia, resorcinol, and paraben.

Prevents Dryness

Contains special oils like argan oil and cocoa oil that prevents hair dryness and brittleness.

Improves Texture

The hair colour prevents brittle hair and improves texture by making your hair soft and smooth.

Provides Sheen

Atbro hair colour contains argan oil and keratin that makes the hair soft and shiny.

Why Use Atbro Hair Colour?

Atbro Safexx hair colour is made in Italy under strict compliance of the stringent European Union (EU) guidelines.

It is free of ingredients like ammonia, paraben, resorcinol, PPD, SLS, and silicones.

Contains Argan Oil, Cocoa Oil, Jojoboa oil, and Keratin which help to prevent dry, brittle, lusterless hair, and provide soft, shiny, and smooth texture.

It is a relatively safe permanent hair color, when compared with other permanent hair colors.

Contains TDS instead of PPD which has a low cross-allergic reaction.

Maximum white hair coverage with a long-lasting color result.


  • How often should I dye my hair?
    This depends on several factors such as hair growth-rate, water quality, and number of hair washes done per week. Hair growth rate is faster in facial hair compared to scalp hair. Similarly chlorinated water contains chlorine, a bleaching agent that make the hair lose colour faster.
  • Does using a hair dye cause hair fall?
    Using hair dyes which use chemicals like ammonia, paraben, PPD, and resorcinol can lead to hair breakage and subsequently hair fall. However, Atbro hair dye does not contain any of those chemicals. Instead we use safe alternatives that compliment your hair and gives it an extra sheen and softness.
  • Why is Atbro Safexx the most recommended hair dye product?
    Atbro hair dye is free from SLS, Parabens, Resorcinol, PPD and Ammonia. Exclusion of these 5 elements in a hair dye makes it the safest hair dye product. It eliminates side effects like scalp itching, hair loss, eye irritation, and skin burns. The product is made in Italy under stringent regulations.

Customer Reviews

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Mohan Kumar
Amazon Reviews

The safest hair dye available in the market. Very easy to use. I
No carcinogens no allergic reaction . Use it once and fall in love with Atbro Safe XX

Geethappiriya Gopalakrishnan
Google Reviews

Must use AT HOME hair color product. Gives natural look, hair actually felt softer and looked shinier after usage.

Thangamurugan E
Google Reviews

Tried Atbro Safexx jet black natural hair color and very much satisfied with the results. Highly recommended!