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Why Hair Colors Infused With Keratin Are The Best?

Most of us colour our hair to look amazing and show off our tresses all shiny and full of life. It is a downer when the result is dull or if the color washes off fast. 

When looking for the perfect, vivid and sleek result, it would do well to choose a hair colouring kit that comes with keratin packaged in the deal. 

Let us delve more into the details on what keratin is and how beneficial it will be when added to our hair colours.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a protective and structural protein that is naturally found in the human body. It is present in our internal organs and glands, skin, hair and nails. 

Keratin is one of the toughest biological materials and possesses both high modulus and durability.

It is vitally important and is less prone to scratches or tears when compared to other categories of cells that our body produces.

Similar to how it is found in the human body, keratin is also present in animals. It can be obtained from the horns, wool and feathers of various animals. Likewise, there is keratin that can be derived from plants as well.

Keratin and hair care

Keratin comprises more than 90% of our hair.

It helps strengthen our hair and a good amount of it aids in maintaining healthy hair.

Owing to its tough nature keratin prevents breakage, frizz, heat damage, and imparts strength to the hair shaft.

But in due course of time, with the usage of chemical-based products, age, environmental factors and different hair styling and treatments, the amount of keratin naturally present in our hair reduces. 

The loss of keratin causes porous spots to develop in the hair’s structure and ultimately hair damage. 

Our hair loses out on its gloss and shine, along with becoming dry and eventually falling out. 

To resolve this condition it is best to choose keratin-based products for your hair. 

These products will add a layer of protein in the form of keratin to the hair, thereby making it strong and manageable.

Uses of keratin

Nowadays, keratin is added to numerous hair styling products to ensure that users have strong hair.

In a research conducted in 2013, it was confirmed that keratin and its active components proved to be a promising ingredient to be used in hair care products if one wanted stronger hair.

Keratin also makes curly hair appear straight and less frizzy, which in turn becomes easier to style. 

Keratin-based hair care products

There are several keratin products, treatments and supplements that are available in the market that can facilitate users’ efforts to get healthy and strong hair. 

Keratin supplements come in capsule and powder forms and can be found easily in health stores.

There is a whole range of keratin hair products from shampoos, conditioners, serums, colouring sprays, dyes, toners, masques, creams, etc. which are available for people to choose from. 

When looking out for such keratin-based products, ensure to spot ‘keratin hydrolysates’ mentioned in the ingredients.

Advantages of using hair colours with keratin

Generally, when colouring the hair, the hair cuticles open up and absorb the colour. But when keratin is added to the dyes, the cuticles absorb the keratin as well.

The protein hydrolysates in keratin guarantee uniform absorption of the hair dyes.

It also ensures that the users get hair that is glossy and voluminous. 

The effects may vary depending on how healthy your hair is, its natural thickness, etc., but the generic benefits that one can get by using hair dyes that have keratin in them are listed below:

  • Colour protection barrier – Keratin found in hair colours acts as a protector for the hair colour and ensures that the hair dye doesn’t fade off easily. It shields the hair colour from stripping agents such as bleach, chlorine, etc., and leads to a lasting hair colour effect in the hair.
  • Amplifies the hair colour – Keratin naturally has the characteristic of giving a glossy and vibrant look to the hair and brightens up dull hair. Including that in hair colours as one of the key ingredients intensifies the colouring effect on the hair and gives users the much-desired effect they always long for when applying hair dyes – a lively, lustrous and well-highlighted hair. 
  • Long-lasting colour – Since keratin is a protein it will be well absorbed by the hair follicles along with the hair colour. It locks in the colour and gives the hair colour the required amount of vibrancy and shine. This results in the hair colour staying for a longer period, yet not damaging your hair in any way.
  • Smooth, shiny and manageable hair – The hair cuticles absorb the keratin in the hair colour products thereby resulting in smooth hair that is frizz-free and easy to manage. The protective keratin layer brightens the hair and doesn’t give the colour any chance to escape leaving your hair in a bad state.
  • Resistant and damage-free hair – When you have continuously used chemical-based hair dyes and styled your hair to beat the frizz it causes, you end up with a washed-out hair that is dried up and unhealthy. Using hair colours with keratin in them will help repair your hair, give it life and make it more damage-resistant. It even heals the little damage that might happen from colouring. 
  • Balances your hair’s pH – Since keratin is naturally found in our bodies, additional keratin via hair colours is a boon. We get to give hair its required keratin need without disturbing anything as well as balance out for the lost sheen if any.
  • Hydrated hair with well locked-in moisture – Keratin absorbed by the hair cuticles and follicles while colouring the hair ensures that the hair strands are well moisturised and locks-in the moisture along with the colour, leading to healthy locks to show-off your brilliant colour. 

Your go-to hair colouring kit

When you colour your hair to update your look and cover the greys, the best hair colouring kit that does a great job is that of Atbro Safexx.

This dermatologist-approved product is ammonia-free, PPD-free, paraben-free, and infused with keratin. As the name suggests it is a safe hair colour that is healthy and non-toxic. 


It is best to use keratin-based and chemical-free hair dyes. It is quite an innovative experiment in the colouring process and adds the extraordinary regenerative powers of keratin to the hair. It works gently on the hair shafts and gives a uniform coverage of the hair dye along with making the hair luminous and fabulous. If you are looking for healthy and beautiful hair along with a stylish look, keratin-based hair colours are your go-to.