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Why Hair Colors Containing Cocoa Oil Are The Best?

The mention of chocolate spurs our taste buds and makes us crave for a full chocolate bar. Such is the power of cocoa oil which is an intricate part of chocolates.

The idea of gifting chocolate bars started way back in the ancient days of the Mayans. It was and is still considered a precious gesture.

This was because people then understood and knew the full benefits that cocoa oil can give to our bodies.

Of all the brilliant advantages that cocoa oil has to offer, not many are aware that it is a blessing for the hair.

The availability of cocoa oil in the markets is the best thing to have happened to us and our hair.

Before we explore more into how beneficial cocoa oil is for the hair and the wonderful advantages you can get with choosing hair colours with cocoa oil, let us understand a bit about its history and making.

All that you need to know about cocoa oil 

Cocoa oil is better known as cocoa butter and scientifically, as theobroma cacao or oil. Cocoa is an intrinsic part of South and Central America.

Those parts have been growing and producing cocoa-based natural moisturizer for generations now.

In recent times, cocoa plants are grown and harvested in many parts of the world as well.

Cocoa oil is pale yellow in colour. It has a coffee-like aroma with a thin consistency. It is solid most of the time but turns liquid at melting point. 

Making of cocoa oil

Most of us think that cocoa oil is extracted from the beans of the cocoa plant. While that is true, there is a bigger process involved in the making.

First, the cocoa beans are fermented, then dried, and later separated from their shell. The residue that forms when the separation happens is called the cocoa nib.

When cocoa nibs are crushed to a powder it is termed as cocoa powder. 

When this cocoa powder is exposed above its melting point of 34-38°C it turns into a liquid, which is known as cocoa or chocolate liquor.

The cocoa liquor is further pressed to separate any solids and the remaining liquid is the well-known cocoa oil.

Seems quite tedious, right? Well, this gives you more reasons to appreciate this delightful essential oil then.

Cocoa oil is used for

Obviously, cocoa oil is used to make chocolates.

It is the key ingredient that gives us a silky feeling while eating chocolates and makes it melt in our mouth.

But other than chocolates, cocoa oil is also added in cosmetics for skincare, ointments, toiletries and in certain medicines by pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, cocoa oil is also used in making hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair colours, serums, masks, etc.

Many don’t know about the existence of such hair care products or tried it.

Well, you should give them a shot and believe us, you’ll fall in love with your hair afterwards. 

Hair care with cocoa oil

Cocoa oil or butter contains antioxidants and saturated fats that help in softening and healing the hair and scalp. It aids in keeping our hair healthy and shiny due to its healing properties. 

Cocoa oil when applied frequently is beneficial for the hair and scalp and shows results in the following ways:

  • A strong hair shaft and hair that is voluminous and fine 
  • Repaired and well-nourished hair strands that don’t break anymore
  • Oil replenished hair that is well moisturised and manageable
  • Healthy hair without further damage in future

Cocoa oil is also a boon when the weather is cold or when you are dealing with unmanageable frizz in your hair. 

In addition to all of the above, applying cocoa butter based products leaves a delicious smell on the hair that it will be rather difficult to not smell and touch your hair frequently.

Cocoa oil in hair colours

Many people contemplate using hair colour treatments, worrying if it will damage and frizz out their hair more. Yet they need to know that such damage happens only when using cheap and chemical-based hair dyes.

Using good quality and chemical-free hair dye is always a better option. 

Opting for a cocoa oil-based hair colour not only deeply conditions your hair, but will also give you visibly softer and manageable hair.

It will help moisturize your hair and scalp while also giving you a new and updated look.

If a person selects a consumer conscious and branded colouring kit, such as Atbro Safexx, they have nothing to worry about.

Made and marketed as safe and non-toxic hair colour, the colour packs available from Atbro Safexx contain cocoa oil which protects the hair while also giving a luscious look. 

Similarly using cocoa oil-based hair colour during winters will be extra beneficial as it helps manage the extra frizz that comes due to the weather as well. 

Benefits of cocoa oil in hair colours

For many decades now, cocoa oil is recognised and celebrated for its medicinal properties. When mixed with hair colours, the end product is something that we can trust to give us the best of results.

  • Healthy scalp without any damage – While there are people who fear using hair dyes as it might have some untoward reaction in the scalp thereby damaging it, using cocoa oil-based hair colours will ensure that no such thing happens. The oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and so, we are left with a soft and healthy-looking scalp and glossy coloured hair. 
  • Reduces hair fall – Some people do believe that usage of hair dyes will lead to hair fall. But, using good quality hair colours that also have cocoa oil in them will strengthen the hair shaft and reduce any pre-existing hair fall as well. This will leave your hair looking voluminous and luscious.
  • Improves hair texture – Any previous damage to your hair due to chemical treatments and usage of bad-quality hair products can be corrected and updated with a cocoa oil-based hair colouring kit. 
  • Well-moisturised and manageable hair – Cocoa oil has moisturising properties and using hair colours which have cocoa oil as part of the ingredient list will alleviate any frizz and dryness in the hair, resulting in deeply moisturised and silky hair.
  • Protects hair from UV rays and chlorine – Hair colours usually fade with exposure to the harmful UV rays and chlorine in the water. Cocoa oil has the protective characteristic which prevents the dye to fade off that easily and leaves us with a long-lasting colourful look.

With so many positives mentioned above, you don’t have to think twice before selecting a hair colouring kit that has cocoa oil in it. Some brands are actively working on giving customers healthy options to choose from while colouring their hair and go completely chemical-free. 

For instance, Atbro Safexx hair colours are completely devoid of chemical ingredients such as parabens, PPDs, ammonia, resorcinol, SLS, and silicones.

They rely on natural and safe ingredients such as jojoba oil, argan oil, cocoa oil and keratin to keep the hair healthy, smooth and shiny. That’s the best way to go.


Hair dyeing has become an intricate part of everyone’s life as our hair gets exposed to pollution in many forms and greys away quickly.

In this day and age that is quite fast-moving, it is important to take some time out to select products that are not only quick to give results but are also safe in the process. 

It is best to avoid chemical-based products when it comes to hair colours and instead, look for safer alternatives that are put together by specialists and experts with the aim of balancing health as well as quality. Choose wisely and style safely!