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Which Hair Colour Is Safe For People Having Skin Allergies?

Hair dyes are very popular because they help people cover their greys or give them a new, attractive look. However, these hair dyes are famously infamous for causing skin reactions to many people. They are a matter of concern for individuals who already suffer from skin allergies. But what makes hair colours allergic to a large number of people?

Why are some people allergic to hair dye?

Did you know that the most common allergic reaction to hair colour is contact dermatitis? And the main reason for this is the chemicals that hair colour contain. Hair colours contain over 5000 chemicals that are added to give it properties long-lasting colour, a range of colour options, etc. Commonly used chemicals include –

· Ammonia

· PPDs

· Resorcinol

· Peroxides

· Sulphates

· Lead Acetate

· Many others

The darker the shade of the hair colour, the more the chemicals it contains! For individuals who already suffer from dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, hair colours need to be used with extreme caution. A large number of people with dry skin conditions and those prone to developing an allergy avoid colouring their hair altogether.

What does hair colour allergy look like?

As mentioned earlier, the most common allergic reaction to hair colour is contact dermatitis. In most cases, the major culprit that triggers allergic reactions is PPD.

Other symptoms and signs of an allergic reaction to hair colour include –

· Redness and itching of the scalp

· Inflammation and reddening of the skin on the forehead, nape of the neck and face

· Itchiness and elevated patches on the skin and scalp

· Blisters may form in some severe cases of allergies

· A generalised rash all over the body

In some rare cases, an anaphylactic reaction may occur that, if not attended to immediately, can be fatal. In individuals with pre-existing skin allergies or dry skin conditions, these symptoms are usually more aggravated, and applying hair colour can trigger a flare-up.

What alternatives do I have?

If you are allergic to hair dyes, the most important thing you must do is to avoid the chemically-loaded dyes. Due to the rising concern of hair colour safety, there is a growing market for natural, organic, and safe hair colours that are chemical-free.

Another safety tip that you must strictly follow is to avoid using any chemicals, including hair dyes, when you are having a flare-up of your existing skin condition. While choosing your hair colour brand, always read the ingredients mentioned on the package to ensure they are completely chemical-free, as even the smallest quantities of hair colour can trigger an allergic reaction.

Let the fear of an allergic reaction or your pre-existing skin condition not ruin your hair colouring experience! Make a safe choice and use chemical-free hair colours.