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Which Hair Colour Is Safe For Health?

There’s a lot of hoo-ha about the safety of hair colours. The fact that a simple dye that is applied to hair to change its colour, gains so much traction in terms of safety is something to think about. When hair dyes are as common as eyeliners and lipsticks, why do most people stop and wonder if they are safe for their health?

Let’s Decode Hair Colours

Hair colours or hair dyes are substances that are used to cover your greys or simply change the colour of your hair. When they were initially used, they were made out of natural, organic products like lemon juice but, as hair colouring became a trend, people wanted longer-lasting colours in shades of their choice.

To keep up with public demand, hair colour companies began developing various formulae to make the best hair colours. However, after evolving over a period of time, hair colours that are available today contain nearly 5000 chemicals, most of which are toxic and harmful. Some commonly used toxic chemicals in hair colours include– ammonia, resorcinol, sulphates and per-sulphates, peroxides, PPDs, lead acetate, etc. It is shocking to know that these chemicals are also used in detergents, disinfectants, and pesticides.

The majority of these harmful chemicals are usually found in permanent dark colours as compared to temporary, light colours. So, are hair colours really safe for your health? Is it okay to continue using your hair colour in spite of the chemicals found in it? Well, of course not!

If you are looking to switch your hair colour or pick up your first hair colour, remember that not all hair colours are safe for your hair or your health.

What Alternatives do you Have?

That doesn’t mean there are no safe hair colours in the market today. Due to the growing concern among people about hair colour safety, many brands are now switching to using lesser quantity and safer chemicals to provide you with the best quality, long-lasting hair colours that cause less or no damage to your hair and your health.

While picking your hair colour, do read the package ingredients carefully to make sure the ingredients are safe. Before you apply the hair colour, always take the necessary precautions and first do a patch test. Always look out for chemical-free hair colours that are infused with keratin, and other healthy oils like olive oil, jojoba or argan oils.