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Which Hair Colour Brand Is The Best And Harmless?

Covering of greys requires you to frequently colour your hair, isn’t it? This also means exposing your hair to all the chemicals present in hair colours. Frequent application of hair dyes and hair colours results in permanent hair damage. But, what can you do? Leave your greys and lose your confidence? Ofocurse not!

Well, for these tressy issues, there are plenty of safe, harmless, natural hair colours that you can choose from. But, which hair colour brand is the best and also harmless? In order to answer this question, we need to know the chemicals that are present in traditional, more harmful hair colours!

What’s in your Hair Colour?

Have you ever spent time reading what’s on your hair colour box? All hair colour boxes have a comprehensive list of ingredients or chemicals that have been used in its formulation. Some of the harmful ingredients present in these hair colours that you need to watch out for include:

· Ammonia


· Resorcinol

· Peroxide

· Lead acetate

· Sulphates and per-sulphates

· Others

There’s a lot of hullabaloo about ammonia in hair colours, isn’t it? But, you would be surprised to know that chemicals like PPD, peroxides and resorcinol are way more harmful than ammonia.

Resorcinol, for example, is obtained from petrochemicals, and used in many other industries, including the cosmetic industry. It is used in hair dyes to provide yellow undertones but does more damage to your hair, scalp and skin than good. Resorcinol is a known causative agent of contact dermatitis, hair follicle damage and scalp irritation. It triggers eye and skin allergy in sensitive individuals.

Similar effects are also observed with other harmful chemicals like PPD and peroxides that are used for darker, long-lasting hair colour and bleaching hair of its existing colour respectively.

Some reports and research on these chemicals also show that they interfere with the body’s hormonal levels and cause conditions like hyperthyroidism.

How Can I Pick Safe Hair Colours?

Well, don’t get anxious about finding a harmless hair colour! Due to the rising awareness among people about safety issues of hair colours, there is a growing market for safe, natural, non-toxic hair colours.

If you wish to pick the best and the safest hair colour, look out for the following:

·Pick out natural hair colour brands that use organic ingredients

·Choose brands that use milder, gentler alternatives to harmful chemicals like resorcinol, PPDs, ammonia and peroxides

·Spend some time to read the ingredients of the hair colour box even if it says ‘ammonia-free’ or ‘PPD-free’

·Always do a patch test on a small portion of your hair before going all out and colouring it to gauge if you are sensitive to it

·Many organic, safe hair colour brands infuse their hair dyes with keratin, and other healthy oils like argan, olive and jojoba to hair

A Takeaway Message!

Safe hair colour is not a myth anymore and you can find the best hair colour brand that is safe and harmless. Enjoy colouring your hair absolutely carefree with safe hair dye brands!