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What Is The Best Brand Of Semi-Permanent Hair Dye To Use For Covering A Few Grey Hairs?

Found your first greys and freaked out? Well, there’s no need to! For many people around the world, covering greys is a routine procedure that they perform once every few weeks. In fact, it is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures across the world. Be it for covering greys or just giving yourself a new look, hair colouring is very common today, thanks to the availability of a variety of hair colouring products and the ease of doing it at your home.

Types of Hair Colours

Did you know there are different types of hair colours available in the market? The most common way to categorise hair colours is based on their longevity and these are:

· Permanent: As the name says, these colours are long-lasting and the frequency of colouring your hair can be reduced. Permanent colours contain some strong chemicals that enable these colours to stay longer on your hair strands.

· Semi-permanent: These hair colours last on your hair for about 4-6 washes, after which you will need to touch it up. Semi-permanent hair colours contain chemicals that allow the colour to get absorbed into your hair. However, these chemicals are not as strong as those found in permanent hair colours.

· Temporary: These hair colours, as the name goes, last on your hair for a maximum of 1-2 washes, after which they begin to lighten or fade away. If you wish to change your hair colour for a specific occasion, these hair colours are the best option. Another feature of temporary hair colours is that they contain the least amount of chemicals among the three types.

There has been a bit of stress on chemicals used in hair colours till now, isn’t it? Well, the reason for this is that the chemicals used in hair colours are harmful to your hair as well as your body.

Are Semi-Permanent Hair Colours Safe?

There is a general belief that permanent hair colours are harmful but semi-permanent and temporary colours are safe. However, that is not the case. Semi-permanent hair colours can be harmful too. So, what can you do?

Choosing the Safest Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

The first thing to check when selecting a safe semi-permanent hair colour is to read the ingredients or constituents of the colour packet carefully. If you see any harmful chemicals like ammonia, PPDs, resorcinol, sulphates, paraben etc., in hair colour, do not use it. In fact, many semi-permanent hair colours contain healthy, essential oils like those of sunflower, jojoba, etc.

Semi-permanent hair colours might be cumbersome as you will need to apply them more frequently. If you wish to apply a long-lasting, safe permanent hair colour, you will find some good options. There are safe permanent hair colours that contain the goodness of natural extracts like olive oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and keratin and the safety of semi-permanent and temporary hair colours.