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What Are The Best Ways To Cover Up Grey Hair When Pregnant?

It is estimated that nearly 75% of women over the age of 18 have coloured their hair atleast once in their lifetime. However, there isn’t much data about how many women colour their hair when pregnant. One reason for the lack of data is the belief that you must not colour or dye your hair during your pregnancy.

Hair Colour Safety during Pregnancy

A lot of women who are used to covering their greys wonder if they should continue doing so when they are pregnant. Most obstetricians and gynaecologists advise pregnant women to avoid colouring their hair, especially during their first trimester.

Though there are no conclusive studies to prove that hair colour used during pregnancy can cause congenital defects in the foetus or cause a miscarriage, for safety, you are not allowed to colour your greys. The main concern about the safety of hair colours arises because most traditional hair colours and dyes are said to contain as many as 5000 chemicals in them including ammonia, peroxide, resorcinol, PPDs, parabens, among others. Most of these chemicals are harmful to your hair as well as the body in general. In fact, some are also said to cause endocrine disturbances in your body and for this reason, it is recommended to avoid colouring your hair during your first trimester.

Best Ways to Cover up Grey Hair During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and wish to colour your greys, here’s are some Dos and Don’ts that you must follow, to safely do so.

· Use safe hair colours that are chemical-free. Due to the rising demand, there is a growing market for safe, natural hair colours. You can safely choose a hair colour from this segment

· Always do a patch test before going all out. This way you can avoid colouring your hair if you experience any side effects

· Even the mildest chemicals in hair colour can trigger nausea in a pregnant woman. So, it is best if you can choose a well-ventilated area for getting your hair coloured

· If you are colouring your yourself, use protective gloves on your hands and apply Vaseline to protect the skin on your face, forehead and nape of the neck

Pregnancy is a beautiful period of transformation during which a woman undergoes multiple physical and emotional changes. We do not wish you to stress over your greys but choose a chemical-free, safer hair colour option instead. Remember to speak with your obstetrician/gynaecologist before you go about colouring your hair. Also, read the constituents of the hair colour you choose to make sure it is safe and natural.