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The Ultimate Guide To Beard Hair Coloring

Sporting a beard is the in-thing today with many celebrities and sportsmen inspiring millions of men around the world to do so. No matter your age, sporting a beard can never grow out of fashion, can it?

The rugged, bearded look works well for your dates and a well-trimmed one works for a formal, corporate look as well.

Hair coloring for the beard is a trend that is fast catching on and you can see men flaunting their colored facial manes with immense pride and style.

No matter if you are coloring your beard to hide the greys or to sport a new look, hair coloring for the beard is here to stay!

However, if you are new to coloring your beard, here are some things you must know about it.

Choosing The Right Color For Your Beard

Coloring your beard is slightly different from coloring scalp hair, especially when it comes to choosing the right color.

Beard hair is coarser and drier than scalp hair. And the color of the beard must be chosen keeping in mind the color of your hair on the head as well as your facial complexion.

Here are a few tips that you can use that will help you choose the right hair color for your beard because the biggest mistake you can make in coloring your beard is choosing the wrong color!

If you have jet black hair on your head, opt for a natural brown or a dark brown beard color to avoid making your skin look too pale. Men with other darker shades of hair on the head can choose a shade that is lighter than their original beard color.

If possible, you must choose special facial hair dyes to color your beard rather than hair color that you would use to dye your head hair.

Also, the color you choose for your beard will depend upon whether you are trying to cover your greys and not make your beard’s color noticeable or you want people to notice your beard color.

Also, since the beard hair is coarser and drier than your head hair, choosing a lighter color might lead to frequently coloring your beard hair.

Best Way To Color Your Beard

No matter if you are a newbie to coloring your beard or want to do a better job at it the next time, these are the steps that are involved in coloring your beard. Once you have chosen your hair color for your beard, here’s what you need to do:

  • Clean your beard

Wash your beard thoroughly with a good beard shampoo and pat it absolutely dry.

  • Trim and shape your beard

While you are excited to flaunt your new colored beard, do not forget to trim around those tresses and prep it.

  • Apply an oil barrier

Once you have trimmed and shaved your beard according to your preferred choice, it is now time to apply an oil barrier on your beard to allow the hair to absorb as much of the dye as possible and at the same time prevent any irritation that can occur if the dye spills on to the facial skin.

  • It is time to dye

Now that you are set, it is time to follow instructions mentioned on your hair dye box as each hair dye comes with a separate set of them.

However, in most cases, you need to wear your gloves, mix the ingredients and brush the mixture onto your beard.

Allow the dye 15-20 minutes to work its wonder on your beard. If you feel the color is light, you can apply the dye again.

  • Rinse

Use cool water to rinse off your beard lightly and comb gently with your fingers.

Hair coloring Tips for the Beard

Here are some tips that you can put to action right away:

  • Use a color-protectant to take better care of your colored-beard hair.
  • Choose a beard oil to apply on your hair if it feels dry and frizzy.
  • Sulphate-based beard color can strip the natural oils from your beard.

Atbro Safexx hair color is free from sulphates.

  • Once you have colored your beard, you will still need to touch it up every 3- 6 weeks when you feel the color is wearing out
  • The longer your beard, the better it will hold color.
  • Always perform a patch test before beard hair color.
  • Use sulphate-free shampoo for your colored beard hair.
  • Avoid the temptation to wash your beard with soap while having a bath.
  • Maintain your beard hair as it grows quicker than the hair on your scalp.