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Simple Ways To Remove Hair Dye Stains From Your Skin

Dyeing your hair by yourself at home is an economical and convenient way to color your hair. However, a common issue that is encountered while using DIY hair dyes is that you may stain your skin.

Two of the most probable places where you may end up with stains are the hairline and hands. Not surprising, since those are the two places most closely exposed to the hair dye while you use it.

Fortunately, this is such a common issue that there are several ways to address it.

In this article we will discuss 6 effective ways to remove hair dye stains from your skin. We will also be looking at ways to prevent skin stains while dyeing your hair so that you can save yourself the stress!

How to prevent the hair dye stains on the skin

#1 Using barriers

  • Applying a thick layer of petroleum jelly, lip balm, or moisturizing cream around your hairline can prevent the dye from staining your hairline
  • Wearing latex gloves while applying hair dye prevents the dye from staining your hands. You can get latex gloves from any pharmacy close to your house.

#2 Immediate action

  • If you have spilled dye on your skin while applying it, wipe it off immediately. Sometimes the stain may go away if removed before it is absorbed by the skin.

At-home tips to remove hair dyes stains

Here are some easy ways to remove hair dye stain from your skin.

  1. Using soap and water
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. Using olive oil
  4. Using toothpaste
  5. Nail polish remover
  6. Dish soap and baking powder

Obviously, it is not wise to use any chemical on your face. The skin covering your face is thinner and more sensitive than the area of skin in your hands.

Hence we have classified the remedies to suit each part of the body.

Tips for the face and hairline

Using soap and water

The hair dye does not set immediately upon touching the skin. Hence, a quick wash with soap and warm water should do the trick. It is advisable to try this first, and move on to the other hacks below only if this does not work to your satisfaction or if the dye has already been absorbed onto your skin.

Using alcohol

It is advisable to exercise some precaution before using alcohol as the stain remover as it can be harsh on sensitive skin. It could also cause drying.

How to use: Put a few drops of alcohol on a cotton swab and then gently rub the stained area of the skin. Ensure that you rinse with soap and warm water after use.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a good option if you have sensitive skin. It is also known to be a natural cleanser.

How to use: Pour a few drops of olive oil on a cotton swab and gently rub it over the skin stained with hair dye. Leave it on for about 8 hours and then rinse with warm water.


Toothpaste is used to remove stains from the teeth; it can also be used to remove stains from the skin.

How to use: Take a small amount of non-gel toothpaste on a cotton swab or your finger and then apply it on the stained area of your skin. Leave it on for about 5-10 minutes and remove it with a cloth soaked in warm water.

Tips for the hands

The techniques listed above may also work for your hands. If it does not, then you can also try some of these hacks:

Nail polish remover

Do not use nail polish remover on your face or hairline. However, it can be used safely to remove stains from your hands.

How to use: Pour a few drops of nail polish remover on a cotton ball and rub over the stained area. The stain should start coming off. Ensure that you wash your hands with soap and warm water afterwards.

Baking soda with dishwashing soap.

Baking soda has exfoliating properties and dishwashing soap can dissolve dye.

How to use: Mix baking soda and dishwashing soap together to make a paste and then apply on the stained area on your hands. Ensure that you wash your hands with soap and warm water afterwards.

What you should do if none of the above techniques work?

The hair dye stain must most certainly come of with any of the techniques above. However if you are not satisfied with the results from the above at-home solutions, you can visit the nearest salon to get the stain removed for a small fee. Salons have specially formulated solutions to remove hair dye stains.