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Why Hair Colors Containing Argan Oil Are Superior?

Are you tired of looking at those grey hairs that crop up? Do you feel it is too early for you to have those greys? There are multiple methods and options available to colour them the way you want.

Yet there are certain points to keep in mind before proceeding to dye your hair.

Understand and assess your hair type, its type, texture, condition and finally, the shade and look you want to have.

There is also the important decision of choosing the method of colouring your hair and the type of dye you want to use. 

It is always best to use safe and non-toxic colours than chemical-based, oxidative dyes which can damage and stress out your hair.

One cool ingredient that you can look out for in the hair colours is argan oil.

It has profound benefits when mixed with hair dyes and helps keep the hair moisturised throughout the colouring process. 

Let us understand fully about argan oil and the benefits of choosing a hair colouring kit that contains argan oil.

Understanding Argan Oil

Argan oil is also called Moroccan oil as it is native to Morocco.

It is derived from the kernel of the argan tree which grows only in semi-arid places.

The hair care industry has specially termed it as ‘liquid gold’ owing to the incredible benefits it provides to our hair.

Argan oil extraction

The age-old practice of argan oil extraction starts with getting rid of the thick outer peel and then the heavy pulp of the argan fruit.

After that, the nut is cracked with hands to find the kernels which are rich with oil. 

These kernels are then crushed and later pressed to extract argan oil in its pure and unfiltered form.

This is later transferred and filtered to remove any impurities to finally achieve a very clear form of the argan essential oil.

Features and benefits of argan oil

Argan oil is a natural beauty secret that has been around for ages. It is an affordable essential oil with a nutty aroma that smells wonderful.

It is golden in colour and light in nature. Argan oil is easily absorbable and nourishes the hair wonderfully by penetrating deep into the hair cuticles as well as the cortex. 

The argan essential oil is filled with fatty acids and Vitamin E which help soothe and smooth frizzy and damaged hair

It helps increase the elasticity of our hair and with continuous usage restores shine and gives a new lease of life to dull and dry hair.

One can visibly see a dramatic improvement to the hair with restored bounce and the result is always a radiant-looking hair. 

Additionally, argan oil is also a radical neutralizer. It also protects our hair and scalp from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

With so many more benefits to the human skin and hair, the demand for argan oil is increasing by the day.

The global market size of argan oil was valued at USD 223.9 million in 2019 and it is now expected to expand at a revenue-based CAGR of 10.8% from 2020 to 2027.

Hair colour with argan oil

Argan oil with its multiple benefits is one of the best ingredients that can be added to hair colour formulas. It is exceptionally valuable during and after the hair colouring process and also acts as a good catalyst for constant maintenance of the hair colour.

Why use argan oil in hair colour? 

There are several advantages of choosing and using a hair colour that has a good amount of argan oil in it. 

  • Hair turns soft as silk – Argan oil has this amazing property of penetrating and nourishing the hair and the scalp deeply. During the colouring process when the cortex opens up to absorb the dye, argan oil present in the dye is also absorbed well making the hair softer and smoother for a long time frame.
  • Argan oil aids in repairing brittleness in the hair – Since argan oil penetrates the cortex, it ends up pumping up the hair from inside and strengthening the hair strands. This results in a stronger and less brittle hair. No matter the length of your hair, argan oil works towards repairing your hair, its brittleness and sealing the split ends.
  • Even and long-lasting colour – As mentioned above, argan oil in the dye works its magic from the inside of the hair shaft and so, the whole colouring process works better. The lightening of the natural hair pigments happens at an even scale and the re-pigmentation also happens uniformly. This results in a more harmonised and consistent colour spread from the roots of the hair to the ends.
  • Hair gathers a natural shine – When argan oil is present in the hair dye, it aids in closing the hair cuticles after the colouring process is done. This step makes the hair shaft shine long after the colouring process is done. To have a more pronounced shine, follow the colouring process with a blow-dry and brush your hair nicely.
  • Vibrant, colourful and luscious locks of hair – With the consistent usage of argan oil-based hair colour, the hair comes to a better condition. After every application, the hair on your head will give off a vibrant and luxurious look. 

Other than the above, once you see and read the many positive reviews from users of argan oil-based hair colours, there is nothing that can stop you from proceeding to buy and use them.

Our recommendation

We would recommend that you opt for Atbro Safexx which is made in Italy under the strict compliance of the stringent European Union (EU) guidelines.

Atbro Safexx hair color is free of ingredients like ammonia, paraben, resorcinol, PPD, SLS, and silicones. The hair dye range from this brand consists of argan oil, cocoa oil, jojoba oil, and keratin which provide optimal white hair coverage. 

It further helps prevent the hair from becoming dry, brittle and lustreless post the colouring. The natural and safe ingredients in the dye provide a soft, shiny, and smooth texture to your hair, leaving it all lively and vibrant.

It is a relatively safe permanent hair colour, which lasts up to 30 washes when compared with other permanent hair colours in the market.

Tips for sporting a successful hair colouration

Here are a few points to keep in mind when going ahead with colouring your hair:

  • Your hair health is very important. Don’t aim at saving money by going for a cheap and low-quality hair dye. Go for a branded and good quality hair colour that will give you good results. 
  • Pay attention to the ammonia level mentioned in the packaging. Choose a chemical-free, non-toxic hair colour that is safe for all hair types.
  • Check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product by doing a patch test behind the ear before applying it all over the hair.
  • Read the instructions given in the packaging and follow the instructions properly. Wear protective face masks and gloves before applying the hair colour mixture.
  • If possible, you can do deep conditioning of your hair a few days before colouring it. A good moisturisation treatment will be helpful in the long run.
  • You can take argan oil treatments post dyeing your hair with argan oil-based hair colours to preserve the shine and colour in your hair.
  • Give some time between applying hair dyes to the hair. Moderation is the key to healthy hair.


Argan oil is a great supplement for the hair in any form. It conditions the hair, helps soothe an itchy scalp, prevents any heat damage from styling tools, boosts the shine of your hair, reduces frizz, encourages hair growth and protects from sun and its UV rays.

When it’s a part of our hair colour we can be guaranteed of minimal damage to the hair from continuous usage of dye and maximum happiness-inducing result with a vibrant and bouncy hair.