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Are Ammonia-Free Hair Colours Harmful Too?

One of the most common ways hair colours are marketed today is by tagging them as ‘ammonia-free’ colours. Ammonia is a very commonly used ingredient in hair colours along with others like PPD, resorcinol, peroxides, sulphates, paraben, etc. While these chemicals are added to hair colours for improving the characteristics and quality of these products, not many people are aware that these are actually very harmful to your hair, skin, scalp and even the body in general. For this reason, many hair colour companies call their products ‘ammonia-free’. However, the truth is that ammonia-free hair colours are actually not completely safe.

Why Are Ammonia-Free Hair Colours Harmful?

The characteristic smell that emanates the moment you start mixing your hair dye is due to the presence of ammonia. The main purpose of ammonia in hair dyes is to cause the hair cuticles to swell up so that maximum colour absorption occurs. However, while this gives your hair a shiny, rich-coloured look right after colouring, in a few hours to a day, you will notice your hair losing its rich texture and gloss because the cuticles that ammonia opened up, it doesn’t close them back. This results in dry, frizzy hair that is prone to breakage. All thanks to ammonia!

For these reasons, there has been a significant rise in ammonia-free hair colours. However, while these products may lack ammonia, they contain other harmful chemicals found in traditional hair colour products such as –PPD, peroxide, resorcinol, parabens, sulphates, persulphate, lead, and many others. Each of these chemicals plays specific roles in hair colour formulations but are known to cause harmful effects in your body too.

Though your hair colour may be ammonia-free, it might still contain these above-mentioned chemicals that are notorious for causing effects like–

· Allergies

· Rashes

· Hair fall

· Dermatitis

· Cuticle damage

· Flare-up in people with existing skin conditions

· Hormonal problems

What Can You Do?

So the next time you are tempted to pick up a hair colour pack that says ‘ammonia-free’, here’s what you need to do:

· Read the entire component list mentioned on the hair colour pack

· Look out for other harmful chemicals that may still be there in the hair colour even though it reads ‘ammonia-free’

· Watch out for alternatives for ammonia and other chemicals that may be equally or sometimes, more harmful than the above-mentioned chemicals

· Use safe procedures for applying your hair colour

· Opt for natural, organic hair colour products that are made from safe ingredients

· Many of these safe hair colours contain products like olive oil, cocoa, jojoba oil, argan oil and keratin. Look out for hair colours with these ingredients

After choosing the best, safe, ammonia-free hair colour, make sure you also pick out a safe shampoo and conditioner too!